Question Anyone think the Intel Nuc 11 will be OK for a HTPC?


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Nov 19, 2009
I was considering this unit for a HTPC -

Not sure if this has a fan or not - I really hope not.

I plan on using it for plex and possibly some light web browsing. No games, not even office. I will use it strictly as a win 10 plex media player, my win 10 plex server is connected to it via gigabit ethernet.

Any thoughts?

I have a PC that is on its last legs for that purpose right now but the motherboard on it is dying - probably loose soldering. Not a big deal, I knew it had issues before I reformatted it, I just needed anything for testing.
My current PC for this purpose has 8GB of memory and a 500GB HD and has tons of space free so it should be fine to put that in the nuc.
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