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Anyone RMA a Seagate HD and pay for the drive?


Golden Member
Mar 11, 2001
I have a Seagate 40GB drive that has been causing trouble. After two hours on the phone trouble shooting with seagate technical support they sent me an advance replacement drive. They said that they were out of 40GB drives so it may be a 60 or 80. So now I have a drive on the way and the problem is that I found a utility that may have fixed the problem on my drive. Seagate took my CC# and said I had two weeks to return my dead drive.

How much will they charge if I don't send back the drive?
What will they do if send back the fixed drive?

My real concern is that the drive may not last long so I would prefer to have the new RMA drive.


Diamond Member
Jan 12, 2001
just send back your old 40gb.. they won't charge you anything and nothing will happen if it still works