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Anyone play this Movie Game?


May 21, 2001
Start w/ an actor, say Demi Moore. Link her to someone in a movie...

Demi Moore to Tom Cruise in a Few Good Men. The next person takes Tom Cruise and links him to someone else in a different movie, i.e., Tom Cruise to Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder. You can use the same actor, but never the same movies.

A person gets a point if they link to someone, and no one else can name another movie and another actor that they played in/with, but the person that named that actor knows another movie. For example, just to be easy, let's say a person is given Samuel L. Jackson, and they say: Samuel L Jackson to John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. If no one else can think of another movie and actor that John Travolta played in, then that orginally linked to Travolta can say "John Travolta to Nicolas Cage in Face Off", and they get a point...I know it's kinda dumb, but it was great to pass time in study hall.

Sooo....Jennifer Lopez...anyone? :)