anyone know if CoD 3 for 360 is capable of 4 player split screen?


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Aug 20, 2000
I've seen it in 3 player split screen two Saturdays ago, so I bet it can do 4 player as well.

There's a small chance I'm remembering incorrectly but you should be good.


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Mar 28, 2004
IMO most games shouldn't have the capability of splitting the screen as in most cases, there aren't enough pixels on the screen to effectively do it with out losing a lost of visual space. I'd be nice if they could work on the multiplier aspect since they've got higher resolution output that maybe it could look more like you have 2 individual 480P screens instead of a 480p screen split in half... I dunno, hard to explain, but basically when playing with friends on Halo 2 on the Xbox, it's such a PITA because there just isn't enough space for me to see wtf is going on..