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Anyone know anything about Vintage JBL 15" Guitar Speakers? Mainly the D150F?


Nov 13, 2001
I am getting conflicting information off the internet, and my mind is going nuts now, so Im bringing my question here. I have in my possession a JBL D150F (f for fender) speaker, and Im trying to date it. My serial number is 10019, which I cannot find one that old. My sticker, that used to be stuck to it, says 8-16 ohms, not 8 or say 16, but between 8-16ohms it says. My serial number is also stamped not a sticker. There are other numbers around it, and if Im seeing correctly is all original as far as cone, surround, and cork. But from what I been reading, my serial number is the lowest on record, again that I can find, and supposedly there was a change in the label in 57 in the dot, for it used to be an exclamation mark, but in 57 they made it say JBL in there instead. Mine says JBL, but I also have what seems to be the oldest serial again on record. Can anyone point me in the right direction at all where I can get the right information? I also have hand written stuff on the inside of the code, and a stamp that would be hard to put in its place if it wasn't apart to do so. TIA!