Anyone in Seattle know much about building repair?


Oct 11, 1999
It's a long story - PM me for details.

The summary: when moving into my house, I was backing up the U-haul truck while dropping it off, with the assistance of one of my friends. Much to my chagrin, he was watching the damned curb, and not the building. :|

I hit the corner of the building, which was setup in aluminum paneling.

Anyway, long story short, insurance has denied the claim to fix it ($1200) because the U-haul truck was over 10,000lb. That doesn't really leave me much room to argue, nor do I really want to. What I'm trying to find is this: if anyone in Seattle has a friend who is involved in industrial building repair, etc. I'm going to see if my g/f's dad can work on it, but we may need a source for the paneling, assuming it needs to be replaced. It's standard aluminum paneling that has just been painted (no, it's not anodized) a whitish color. Since Kate's dad and I can do much of the labor, if we just pay for parts, this should come out to be much cheaper.

FWIW, the building owner said that it didn't matter who we got to do the repair, as long as it was done well. I've heard that panels don't "pound out" like standard aluminum does, so I'm assuming I'll need to buy new paneling.

Anyway. Today sucks, but I'll get over it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.