anyone in northern NJ know where I can get a (purebreed?) kitten besides a petshop.


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Mar 4, 2001
I want to get a purebreed (is that term used for cats?) kitten but don't want to get them from the petshop. The ones around where I live don't carry cats anyway. Besides, I'd rather buy them from a catery or someone who lives near me who just had a litter.

I was looking at Manx and the're interesting. There's a lady who runs a cattery in the general area of where I live (she's got a web page), but I want to see what else is out there.

any recommendations would be helpful and if you want to shoot me an offer that'd be great too. I'd rather buy one from someone on the forums anyway.

I'm close to Giant's Stadium in NJ.


Dec 14, 2001
go pick up a copy of cat fancy, they have a directory in the back with type of cat and the locations of the catery.

you should consider getting a japanese bobtail.... they are very playful and have a wide ranges of singing voices....