Anyone here try the Gigabyte UD PRO 512GB ssd?


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Jul 2, 2011
The second Seagate hdd in my wifes Lenovo shit the bed last week. First one was covered under warranty. I looked up the warranty coverage and the second one was not covered anymore because the warranty on the laptop has expired. I turned to Ebay and saw Platinummicro had the Gigabyte UD PRO 512GB on sale for $90 shipped. I googled it but didn't see to many reviews just puff pieces from the manufacturer about the launch. Even Anandtech had one Reviews since the launch are few and far between making it hard to judge this drive.

Anyway, so far after a week the drive is performing nicely. It's not the fastest but the specs were respectable for the price and its performance is as well. I ran a quick AS SSD bench on it and here are the numbers. If anyone wants me to bench it with another program let me know. Anyone else give this drive a try yet if you have what are your overall impressions?
Laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad with an i5-7200u, 8gb of 2400 ram, Nvidia MX940m, and a 1920x1080 ips display.
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Aug 25, 2001
Maybe, it's because they're paying for some factory to make them a reference-design SSD for them, and then they're just slapping their name on it, so it's not really any piece of interesting technology, aside from the fact that they are new to the market.

Heck, AMD (in name only) sold SSDs, and now Biostar does too. (Where's Asus and MSI SSDs? :p )

If the price is right, I might get one. No worse than any other budget SSD, really.

Overall, the quality of name-brand SSDs in the market has improved, but anything below a Samsung / Crucial / Intel, is kind of like a "caveat emptor" space for SSDs.

Edit: I'm glad that you're happy with it, btw.

I was thinking of some of those HP S700 Pro SSDs myself, if I get a new NAS eventually.


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May 4, 2000
Wow no interest in the Gigabyte drive eh?

I think it's just in a tough market right now with the low prices of drives that outperform it like WD 3D, Sandisk Ultra 3D, 860 EVO, MX500, 545S, and now even Intel's new QLC 660P.

Gigabyte will have to be very aggressive on pricing is they are going to move many of these. I'd imagine companies like WD, Samsung, Crucial, and Intel are probably responsible for the bulk of all drives sold (at least in the U.S. if not worldwide). Finally, all the drives above have 5 year warranties, where the Gigabyte offers just a 3 year.