Anyone have a Sony DSC S75 Digital Camera?


Mar 6, 2001
If so, could you show me some sample pictures that you might have taken?

My G/F wants to buy one, and she wants a good investment. She wants Sony as shes had a lot of great experiences with Sony products.

If you can show me some sample pics, please help me out!


Jan 16, 2001
I can only partially help. I have the Sony DSC-S50. 2.1 Mega-pixel. It's an awesome camera. Has a lot of feature that only some higher-end cameras have. I know nothing about the S75. But being that it's model number is higher than mine, it must be better! :D Prolly more mega-pixels. 3.1? Am I close?

I can tell you that any Sony digicam is a worthwhile investment. The battery on mine will last two hours straight, taking flash pics and all. The DSC series (as opposed to the Mavica, which are too darn big) uses the Sony Memory Stick. A neat idea. It' s basically a flash memory card, shrunk down into a stick-of-chewing-gum size. My cam only came w/a 4mb stick. That means about 30-35 pics in 640 x 800 (I think that's the res) or only 4 pics in 800 x 1200 (again, I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but I'm sure you get my meaning). The bigger memory sticks are expensive, but I do know that the "better" (bite me! ;)) Sony DSC's come with a 16 mb stick. Bite me 2x. You'll be good to go. I've had mine for a little over a year now with zero probs. Oh yeah, it's USB too! It comes with a cable, you hook it to a USB port, turn the camera on, go to My Computer and you see an Icon labeled "Removable Drive". Double-click and DL your pics. So simple.

I dig my Sony DSC. Go 'head...let her buy it! You'll wind up using it more than her anyway! Good luck.