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Anyone have a Sapphire Vapor-X 5870?


Jan 12, 2005
I was planning on getting a 5850 eventually, but the wife gave me the green light on pretty much any video card I want due to a larger than expected tax return. So, I may still go with a 5850 since I don't have to spend money just to spend money, but I browsed over to the 5870's on Newegg just to see the prices and reviews.

One thing I noticed in one of the Sapphire Vapor-X 5870 reviews is that this owner mentions that it is a shorter/non-reference PCB. So, I just had a question.

First, with my current Sapphire Toxic 4870, it doens't seem to respond to the EVGA voltage tweak software. I haven't tried MSI Afterburner on it. I figured my core is probably fast enough, at this point 512MB is probably hurting my frame rates when I crank the details more than anything, and more core clock won't change that. So, seeing as the 5870's seem to all respond well to a little voltage when overclocking, I was curious if anyone knows if any of the voltage tweak programs would work on this non-reference PCB card.