anyone have a miniature shnauzer as a pet?


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Jul 5, 2001
we might be getting a puppy from a family friend soon if her dog is pregnant....are they good pets..good with children?

anything inherent to the bredd i should be aware of?


Nov 20, 2000
Family friends have three. All from different breeders and 1-2 years aparts.

At around age 10 the first two had almost no teeth left (the only ate hard kibble and got teeth cleaned on a regular basis). The third one is now 9 and has started losing some teeth. have their meals put in a blender first now.

Other people who have one....losing teeth, do not know how old.


Mar 16, 2004
I used to. As a member of the terrier family, they bark. A lot. They're loyal and not all that big, so yes should be good with kids. They don't shed, so must be groomed every month or two. Like most purebreeds they have some genetic problems specific to the breed, iirc the major one is skin problems; moles, bumps, etc.

At 11 (died of cancer, rip :() mine had no problems with her teeth, though that may well be another problem with the breed. Genetic problems such as those, which are usually a result of inbreeding for desired breed traits, are a big reason mutts tend to be better dogs overall.


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Nov 7, 2001
I have two Miniature Schnauzers -- we've had them for nearly 10 years now. The dogs are literally falling apart. For the last 5 years or so, they have had bad skin problems with the "schnauzer bumps". They are almost like cysts .5" in diameter that raise up all over their back. Their teeth are okay at this point. My youngest (she is 9 years old) has major skin problems (she sweats like you wouldn't believe, and smells terrible). Her hair is falling out (she is looking like a naked dog) and the skin on her neck is dry/craked. The other one (the eldest) now has three very large tumors (one on each side of her body, and one on her chest).

HOWEVER! They have been the most awesome and loyal dogs I've ever had the chance to associate with. Very very smart, but they do like to bark. They are "mousers" and have caught all manner of mice, rats, squirrels, birds over the years. Very playable, very obedient. Don't really shed, don't have a "doggy" smell. I love my girls, they are so intelligent. I'll be sad to see them go (probably soon!)...