Anyone have a Dell Inspiron 6000? Have anythign good/bad to say about it?


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Oct 12, 1999
I just ordered my sister a Dell Inspiron 6000

1.6ghz Pentium-m
WSXGA+ screen
512meg DDR2
40gig HD
64meg radeon x300
intel wireless
Dell port replicator with notebook stand (I love those things, my new Latitude D810 has one)
4 year warranty

I got the whole thing for $1325 shipped - $100 MIR for the warranty

I bought it because her old laptop is about to die and it was an awesome deal, but has anyone actually used one of these? I had an Inspiron 600m when they first came out and although it was a good machine it seemed like it would break easily. What are your thoughts for an all around machine? She's an english major so as long as her word processing works she's happy. She does do more multimedia stuff now like video editing/photo editing, but no gaming or anything like that. I'm just looking for reassurance that I bought her something that will last her through her last year/year and half (she's lazy sometimes) of college before she can find a job that has nothing to do with her major and hopefully by herself something new in 3/4 years. I know my latitude c840 was ok and the d810 is even better so I hope the inspirons have also gone up in quality.