anyone go from a 8500/9000 to a radeon 9700 ?


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May 28, 2002
Has anyone made this upgrade from 8500 or 9000 to a radeon 9700 ? What did you notice different in games you normally play ?


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Jun 21, 2001
I went from a Geforce 2 GTS to a Radeon 9500 NP to a Radeon 9700. With the geforce best playable performance I could get out most games was at 800x600x16bit no AA. Moving to the 9500 gave me the ability to run games at any resolution smooth as silk. Once I installed the 9500 I noticed right away that my 2d was sharper and all my games looks ALOT better. 3Dmark scores were roughly just under 10K with the 9500. Softmodding and overclocking the 9500 to a 9700 and the core/mem to 325/290 gave me the ability to run max settings with all the eye candy at any resolution. My 3dmarks are well over 12K with the mod. On my Intel p4 1.8A@2.43GHZ with a gigabyte 8500LE 128mb, i can get only get slightly over 9K 3dmarks. With max settings even old games like Quake 3 start to become unplayable at 1028x768.

conclusion: get atleast a 2ghz cpu and waste all your $$$$ on the fastest GPU u can afford.