Anyone go from 32" 4k to 43" 4k?


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Oct 14, 2006
Due to a combination of Oncor sucking massive donkey balls, my surge protector not doing its job, and me being too slow to pull the surge protector plug from the wall, my LG 31MU97 is now dead and I'm in the market to replace it.

Right now I'm not seeing too much that excites me in the 32" 4k realm. What does excite me is usually out of my price range, the exception being the LG 32UD99 (which keeps getting delayed). I lost interest in gaming long ago and don't really care about variable refresh rate. I already have two 34" ultrawides and don't want another. So I was researching and stumbled upon the newly released LG 43UD79 ( For its regular price of ~$700, it seems like a helluva lot of monitor, especially compared to its competition (the Dell P4317q, the Philips 43", the Acer 43"... not sure if the banding/burn-in issues still exist and the Dell uses PWM so it's out for me).

I'm a whore for having a ton of things open at once, whether it's just browser tabs or multiple code editors open with documentation next to it. I can comfortably read text at my 31MU97's native res/scaling from ~3 feet away (though I usually do 150% zoom in the browser for eyestrain purposes). No editing or rendering or anything like that. I was perfectly happy with how things were on the 32", but I also got it for only $500 off CL.

So back to the title question - has anyone ever gone from 32" 4k to 43" 4k? What are your thoughts about it? Love it, hate it? If you sit roughly 3-4 feet from it, do you have to swivel your head to read? Thanks for any opinions.

edit: oh and target budget is $800, though i can easily pull $1k if there's a super-compelling option out there. Would prefer a Dell (Ultrasharp) or a Samsung, but those are tall orders for my budget so looks like LG is the only remaining game in town (minus Acer and BenQ). Not a fan of their customer support, that stupid OSD joystick, or the external power brick, but... compromises I guess.
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May 4, 2017
I definitely wouldn't go back to a 32", even if it meant a gsync display. Having a big display makes 4k gaming way more cinematic and the text is way more readable. Even at 3.5 feet distance it feels like sitting close to a 1440p display.

Bigger displays do tend to be glossy though, so you do have to be careful about lighting conditions.