Anyone find a 9700 @ Best Buy yet?


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Aug 2, 2001
Not so far. I've been in there every evening since last wednesday in West LA.

I did find out by doing that, that I am a PUNK. I bought the antec truepower 430watt powersupply saturday afternoon. And as always I get my receipt and walk out of the store ignoring the person checking receipts. They jump in front of me and physically push on my shoulders to keep me from exiting the store, demanding to see my receipt. I refuse, their manager magically appears, asks the guy to remove his hands from me and tells me I may leave.

The manager walks away and as I am leaving the person that restrained me said in a loud voice "You better hope we don't meet up when I am not at work PUNK!". I looked around at all the people exiting around me and the astonished looks on their faces and continued out the door.

Great customer service. Always fun.

Best Buy is always fun to go shop at, you never know what's going to happen!