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Anyone else watching True Life on MTV2?


Jul 21, 2005
It's very interesting. the American lives in AZ and is 50 miles away from border and everyday there are problems, he has to carry gun, etc. He said there are 4000 sex offenders that cross the border and border Patrol even admits only 25% are caught.

Then there is an illegal immigrant who lives in CA. He speaks English (very well) and has lived in USA since age 7. His parents immigrated legally but he isn't legal for some reason. He wants to goto school but can't, but he has a cousin who lives w/ him/his parents who is a citizen but can't speak a lick of English (the cousin even said he didn't care).

Anywho, it is a very interesting segment, makes you think of some things.

Honestly, I am not fond of illegals for many reasons, but I do feel bad for this guy who can't even goto college even though when he graduated he had great grades, etc. But on the other spectrum, if you watch the situation in AZ w/ the American guy you will understand why he joined the Minute Men to prevent illegals from crossing the border.

So turn it on it's pretty good!