Anyone else got a Nvidia Shield TV?

Nov 13, 2001
I have 2 of the 512gb ones, one in my living room and one in my bedroom and all I can tell you is I cannot live without one anymore myself :O I especially like the fact I can play my games off my rig in the living room for I have a GTX1070 FTW in my pc and can play my games in my bedroom on my mini projector I picked up off Amazon for $99 and have a 98" screen on my wall. Its the poo (cant cuss no more, got points on my record :p ). I also got the $8 monthly service and stream games, along with the TON of android games you can play on it. I put happychick on one of them, and can emulate games on the one in the living room, which is sweet (got to do the one in the bedroom still). I like that I can stream off my Drobo, so all my movies/music I can watch/listen in both rooms (sweet), and if youre thinking of getting one, you can get a version one (512gb) for around $200 off ebay, for thats what I got since none of my tv's are 4k, or HDR.

But anyway, do you have one? They do make perfect HT setup IMO then anything else out there considering if you have a Nvidia pc you can stream your pc games to any room, you can stream pc games using their service, android games galore, emulate, and stream movies and music using archos or vlc, what else can you really ask for :D


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Feb 26, 2015
I have a Vero 4k in my bedroom that I love and I was fixing on getting another one for the living room tv but I like the game streaming features on the shield. My main pc has a GTX 1080 in it. I will probably buy a shield to try soon.


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Feb 18, 2013
Yeah I have two right now. Pretty well rounded streaming device. Now I'm working on retro gaming and emulation. Trying to figure out Retroarch..