Anybody used Tony Robbins' Personal Power I/II?


Jan 4, 2001
Okay, I remember seeing this dumb looking guy with a scary voice on infomercials and thought it was typical crap that some two-bit company tried to pawn off on unsuspecting American dopes. But then I saw the same guy (Tony Robbins) on Conan a few weeks back and he was so charismatic and enthusiastic and level-headed (and his voice sounded normal, thank God), that it seemed like maybe he was legit. Even Conan was singing his praises.

I looked some stuff up on the net and it seems like a lot of people have really gotten something out of his programs. So I've been thinking about getting it off eBay or some such.

I'm not saying I want to totally revitalize my life or anything. I have things going pretty good. About to graduate from college, hope to get a good job for a couple years then go to grad school. But I figure that a program like this might help me "optimize my potential" or some BS like that. In all seriousness, there are some things I have difficulty doing; i.e. interviews, staying alert/awake in class or on the job, waking up on time, etc. I'm thinking maybe this program could instill some discipline (for the second two) and self-confidence (for the first) in me.

So has anybody used it? Any thoughts on whether it's worth it? Which program to get? Personal Power I or II or one of the shorter-term ones?

Thank for the help anybody can lend.