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Anybody from North Hollywood?

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Apr 7, 2003
Originally posted by: axelfox
Weather's nice :D
Unless you think 90-100+ in the summer is nice, then no, North Hollywood does not have nice weather. Everywhere in the valley has horrible weather (excluding the coastal area). The rest of the LA area is generally pretty nice weatherwise though until you start getting further east. Pretty much anywhere that is affordable is really hot in the summer. :)

North Hollywood is pretty crappy in general, look at Burbank/Glendale area, maybe Pasadena. I would look at West LA, Santa Monica, Hollywood Hills personally, but that is only because I HATE hot weather, you are gonna have a crappy commute if you work in the valley but don't live there.

Houston was pretty unimpressive when I was there on business about 5 years ago. Cheap though.



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Nov 19, 2000
Originally posted by: fbrdphreak
Originally posted by: Fmr12B
Originally posted by: fbrdphreak
I'm sorry, do you not LIKE having any money? I'm sure CA is nice and all, but I could NOT stand paying the kind of money it takes to live there. Jeebus

Ya know, with the high cost of living comes a gargantuan pay raise..........
Yeah but its just such a waste. Not to mention you get to live with earthquakes & the knowledge that eventually you $500K cardboard box will fall into the ocean.
I guess its just a matter of personal preference. Anywhere you go here in the US there is always a down side in nature. Up north they've got snow storm or whatever which is basically the same in the NW and NE corner. In the West, they've got earthquake. Down South is hurricane. Plains have tornados. "Lesser of two evils".

Cost of living, job opportunities, school system, etc. are what makes the difference.