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Any way to use the second card as primary for SLI? (tri-slot and dual slot cards)


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Oct 12, 1999
I have found myself in posession of two 680's.

Previously I had 2 EVGA reference cards.

Now I have 1 EVGA reference card, and 1 of the tri-slot Asus cards.

Of course, the Asus card, stock, is faster than the EVGA card is overclocked (it also allows for a higher power limit, 150+% (don't remember exactly the limit).

So, of course, one would use the asus card as the primary, correct?

Well, it's tri-slot which means it can't go in the top slot, or there is no gap, and it becomes a nice little oven. So, it must be in the lower slot. I'd prefer my primary card to be the fast one though.

Any ideas?