Discussion Any suggestions on how to test my hot tub circuit board?


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Jun 9, 2022
I have a 1997 HotSprings Prodigy (Model H) by Watkins Manufacturing. About six years ago, the circulation pump stopped working. I don't remember if the jet pump continued working. I'm debating whether to remove and test the two pumps, which I suspect are easy to test but inconvenient to remove or test the circuit board, which is easy to remove but I suspect more challenging to test.

I'm very interested to know your thoughts on the best way to approach this.

I would also greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to test the circuit board.

Thanks for putting yourself out there to answer questions like these.




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Aug 11, 2001
You turn it on and measure whether power is getting to the pumps. If it is, bad pump. If not, while powered, you trace where power stops on the circuit board, using a multimeter. You reverse engineer the circuit enough to do that, and get datasheets for any ICs if uncertain what their function is.

If there are relays then I'd look at those in particular but the first thing to do is just visually inspect it for corrosion, PCB cracks, solder joint cracks, overheating darkened areas, vented capacitors, connector fouling, shorting out wires, blown fuses, etc.

It might (or might not) help if you linked to very high resolution, 90' angle, top down and bottom up pics of the circuit board.
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