Any Room for downgrade?


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Feb 14, 2013
Any room for downgrade without actually jeapordizing picture quality?

I have 1080p Vizeo.47in

and a Isymphony 19in 1366x768 LCD LED ( bought itwhen I was in Japan, I never really heard of isymphany)

Both Tvs, not actual computer monitor.

I plan to game. shooters, skyrim etc.


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Jul 22, 2009
Wait for a sale at Dell Outlet. They hold them pretty regularly, and you can pick up an XPS 8500 with an i5 for under $500 when they do. Throw in that 7870 and you have a system for $750.


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Aug 22, 2005
If you buy a 7850 2GB version and overclock it, then it will be very close to the 7870. If you're not willing to overclock it, then the 7870 is a better choice IMO.

If you have a microcenter near you, they run good combo deals on a motherboard + i5.

Also, shopping for deals can help a lot. For example, the following power supply frequently goes on sale for $30 after rebate:
Feb 25, 2011
If you hunt around, you'll find a few better deals on individual components, although those are close. You might save $30-40 that way.

I'd probably just get a 7850. Save about $30-40 that way. That will sacrifice framerate, not image quality. (See Anand Bench for comparison.)

Otherwise, yeah, Microcenter is going to be your best shot. Between the lower CPU prices they have (I think they sell 'em at a loss to bring people in) and the $50 back when you buy a motherboard at the same time, you'll save $80-90 bucks.

I have a 16" iSymphony TV in the workout room. It was cheap (less than $100 when every other HDTV on Amazon was >$200). Viewing angle sucks, so it's really only usable from the elliptical. The housemate just uses the iPad.