Any of you hippies protest at Wall Street?

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Nov 20, 2005
your changing the topic yet again. Your right their are plenty of people(poor people) who have been thoroughly fucked by the 1% and are too dumb to realize it. Actually they were posting on a website spidey brought to our attention. They call themselves the 53% ......the "I work 80 hours a week and get paid for 40 and have absolutely nothing to show for it and I'm happy about it!!" crowd

and I'm sure their are some idiots that think 150k is rich(the 1%) but I do not think anyone with an ounce of sense can honestly say that's a majority of the occupy movements beliefs.

I don't think you fully grasp the situation. There are a bunch of clowns protesting that they are the 99%, when in reality they aren't. How much of society actually believes they are in the 99% that OWS says they are? How much of the population is rallying behind OWS and their "99%"? I can guarantee you, it isn't 99%. I can also guarantee you that the OWS definition of the "1%" extends to people outside the actual top 1% range.

tl;dr biggest circle jerk in the country right now.

and btw there are a lot of people who work 80 hour weeks, get paid for 40 hours, and absolutely love their jobs. there is nothing wrong with committing your self to something you truly enjoy doing. and if you truly enjoy doing it you don't give two shits what you get paid because you love doing it.

Wealth =/= everything in life. You can be happy without wealth, but that is something OWS doesn't seem to realize. The basis of their argument is equal wealth distribution for everyone, why? What have they done to earn and deserve that money? Except make semi-decent pumpkin spice lattes?


Feb 3, 2007
from what ive seen so is really people making less than 50,000 a year being mad at anyone making more than 150,000 a year, and then trying to say that anyone below the top 1% are in the same boat as them. which is erroneous to assume that people who aren't filthy rich are going to rally behind you against the filthy rich.

so basically, its some worthless hippies who have made bad decisions in their short little lives being mad at people who seized business opportunities to increase personal wealth. Welcome to America, have a nice day. They are mad because they want to work at starbucks and become millionaires before 30, but they can't because they are worthless.

I make less than 50k a year and you don't see me bitching. In fact the vast majority of Americans make less than 50k a year and again most of us aren't bitching. It's children who were sheltered their entire lives from the real world now having to deal with it and in all their education, no one ever prepared them for the real world. Even though we were told we were.

It should be very obvious as well that most of these protesters are children, why else would they call their group the 99%? Only someone, like a child, with such a limited view on the world would consider themselves part of such a group.

ps. I'm speaking about the majority of the protesters, people from my generation. lols @ thinking they're adults yet.