Question Any app that can restrict folder size?


Oct 12, 2014
Let's say you wanted to move files into a folder, until it fit X GB (such as the size of a BD-R, around 23). Or it could be any other. The program would not allow that we add more than X GB of data. What kind of app can help with this? Regardless of the SSD/HDD size, of course.

WinDirStat can tell the size of multiple folders, but it cannot restrict their size, or at least warn us when we exceed.


May 15, 2023
I'm not aware of any specific applications built solely for that purpose, but you could create a script to handle this task. The script would check the folder size after each file is added and stop when the size limit is reached.

For a more automated solution, you might want to look into 'Quota Management' feature on Windows. It doesn't precisely fit your description, as it's used to limit the amount of disk space a user can consume on a per-volume basis, but could be a starting point.

Or, you could check out file syncing tools like FreeFileSync. These apps often have size limit options for syncing, though it's not exactly what you're after.