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Aug 31, 2001
In my attic I have one of those giant V shaped antennas that is wired down to a receptacle in my living room. The wire coming off the antenna has two bare ends that go into the receptacle that then has three holes for a connection to the tv.

Is there an adapter I can buy to wire the antenna wire into a receptacle that uses the coax connection? If so, where?

Additionally, is it worth it to try using this antenna or just go buy one of the 30-40 dollar antennas from Walmart?
Jul 6, 2008
It's worth the buck or two to buy a balun. This will connect the BAlanced 300 ohm twin wire to the UNbalanced 75 ohm coax.

Although it will probably cost more than that buck or two Radio Shack probably sells a combination outlet plate with a balun attached.

Is there anything wired to the third hole of the outlet? I'm at loss for it's purpose. My best guess would be another ground wire. That would not be needed for an inside antenna with internal wiring.
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