Another "I love my 2500k" thread?


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Jan 7, 2006
Yesterday evening I spent a very satisfying 3 hours figuring out what was wrong with my computer.

It was working fine, no crashes or anything, I just thought the temperatures were a bit higher than usual. Ran Prime95 torture test and the temps shot up to 90 and it started throttling. Unacceptable.
Dropped the multiplier and voltages back to normal but same thing, high temps and throttling.

Turns out the damn heatsink had been knocked loose when I moved house and I've been running my computer with no CPU cooling for months. o_O

Don't know how much it has been throttling but I've not really noticed any slow down.

After reapplying everything I've managed to get it even higher. 4.8ghz @1.4V, temps around 65-70 depending on core.

I love my 2500k.

(should mention the 3 hours is because I had to go steal some MX4 from my dad's house and had to apply it twice because I cocked up installing the heatsink the first time. put it back together and the temps were still super high.)
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