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Question Android Photos : Prevent access from any other app but camera/galery app


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Nov 8, 2002

I have a question regarding Android security, specifically the access to photos on a mobile phone.

So let's say I have an SD card on my phone, and I set the photo locations to the SD card, because it has much more space on it.

Then, on the other and, I want to install apps, and many of them ask for access to the SD storage.

So, I believe that Android does not provide any security mechanism so that the SD data is segregated between apps, so any app that has access to the SD can access all SD data, regardless of the original app that manages it, am I correct?

For me this is just wrong, and since I want to protect my photos from being accessed by other apps, I need to know what can I do about it.

If I store the photos in my internal phone memory, and NOT on the SD card, will that prevent other apps from reaching the photos? Or this is just something we users cannot do anything about it?