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Android app and tips for display heart rate from chest strap


Jul 11, 2001
OK, so today I should receive my new heart rate monitor strap.

I have an activated Windows phone (Alcatel Idol 4S, high end, but it will be my last Windows Phone, will go full Android sometime soon) but lately I always bring one of my unactivated cheap Android phones to the gym because they are smaller and lighter (I keep phone in my shorts while working out and listen to music with highly isolating Etymotic Research ER2SE ear buds). Gonna be riding bike 5 miles each way to/from the gym from home. While it isn't raining, I want to monitor my heart rate on the bike rides. If raining, I'll drive and get on a machine at the gym, monitor HR there.

So, not having done this before, I gather I'll want to pair the strap with the phone. But will evidently need an app to display heart rate.

I ordered a phone bracket from China. That won't come for at least 3 weeks, meantime I am going to fasten phone to handlebars with a small/thin bungee cord. I'm pretty confident that will work out fine, the phone won't fall, and even if it does, I have a couple of others!

So, tips? Recommended app(s)? I hope to do this tomorrow when I go to the gym! Thanks!
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