AnandTech Forum Guideline and Moderation Changes Announcement


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Feb 18, 2001
Welcome to the PC Gaming Forum. There have been some updates to the Moderation and Guidelines for AnandTech forums which can be found in Personal Forum Issues in this thread. Please read these important guideline changes.

One of the major changes is in how moderation will be done going forward. Moderators have a title listing the forums they moderate. They are able to moderate in other forums, but are encouraged to do so only in extreme and obvious cases of a violation or when a thread needs to be moved. Moderators are expected to remain in good standing with the community and uphold all of our member and posting guidelines.

Senior Moderators, who will also be noted by title, have jurisdiction over all forums. In addition to normal moderation, Senior Moderators are responsible for making decisions concerning permanent bans, advising moderators on actions, reviewing member complaints about moderator activity, and generally making sure moderation at AnandTech is run fairly and efficiently.

In addition to the Senior Moderators, The moderators for the PC Gaming forum are DAPUNISHER, schadenfroh & oakenfold. These moderators were nominated and voted upon by the Senior Moderators and Administrators and have accepted the position. We welcome them to the team, and hope you will too. Congrats are in order :)

Please note: These, and all other moderators should not be contacted directly for moderation issues. Those should go to the Moderator account though Private Messages, or posted in Personal Forum Issues.


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Apr 2, 2002
I rated this topic as good , I dunno why people bash the staff here.

Anyway, thanks all you guys and gals that help make these forums great...