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Anand uses FX-51 for roundup.

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Sep 15, 2003
Oh I agree but I am glad to see there is someone taking HDTV seriously. Even if it costs the same as Direct Tv a lot of people will get it. But I cant wait to see what they do offer. Definately exciting.

Maybe some competition will get the ball moving.

What scares me about Direct Tv is last time I talked to them they told me I had to get my local channels in HD from an antenna (Terrestrial). They arent allowed to broadcast ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and FOX in HD. Whats with that? That bites becasue using my PC HDTV tuner I had a hard time getting HDTV channels and I certainly dont want an antenna on my roof.

Comcast which is my local provider is distributing several channels.
ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, INHD, INHD2, SHOWTIME, HBO, and 2 Sports networks. NO CBS. Thats half the sunday football games. :( Im getting this for 6.00 a month for 6 months on a trial. But I am going to cancel it because I cant give up TIVO on Direct Tv and go back to those stupid cable boxes.

With TIVO I dont watch TV at its normal time so I usually miss my shows that are broadcast in HDTV.

Not Sure whats going on with Dish Network but I suspect its the same as Direct Tv only with Discovery HD. But thats not enough.


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Aug 26, 2000
Originally posted by: menads
Originally posted by: Cerb<br
1800+, 1.65v palomino, in a MicronPC Palo Alto case with a front bezel that hinders air. And I mean that...Enermax adjustable 92mm fan set to low and at 7v before that, and the noise coming from the PC is clearly that fan fighting backpressure. Overheated at 1.75v (default) no matter what, but at 1.65v, it's been rock stable.
Well you may have a worse POS case than my POS (1800+Palo should be in the same heat neighbourhood as 2100+TBred).
Just wait...on of these days one of these flea markets, thrift stores or yard sales will have it! :D
I want it to make a case out of, as I don't like the looks of any PC cases, really. Sheet aluminum, make sure it's all grounded, put part of a case is there (mobo tray and expansion slots)...
I hear you about being ugly but keep in mind that while difference of thermal conductivity of steel and aluminum is not that big, the differenfce between steel and wood is overwhelming (actually wood is used as an isolators in building industry). And no matter what people say the fact that case is made from metal (whether steel or sluminum) really helps with cooling - probably atleast 5 degree C (the outer shell of steel case probably weight several pounds and has signifficant area to cool down).
Maybe, but I'm currently running 28C...I can't imagine being able to use a bigger (albeit a bit slower) fan and make more room for air to move through (well, in) will hurt, espeically since this things is entirely encased in plastic right now.
Emphasis added below.
...or pure hardware, but that's as much as getting the needed CPU power if you're using HDTV.
unfortunately the more powerfull HDTV cards cost more money and are usually full length cards.

Not sure about silently, but it's suprising what goes in there and stays cool--just that stuff stays within specs cool, not nice and cool like most of us like it.
Well I don't have one myself but a friend have a 2.0GHz celeron one and it is noisy despite that he has only HDD and CD inside the case (graphics is on the MB).
I wonder what's so noisy...
Well, first the extra cable there, and also that one can be turned off for whatever reason and the other is still available. Also, aside from the noise (will try to fix that once I get my case done), a dedicated PC w/ a Radeon AIW and remote is quite nice.
The cables in my case are not problems since I laid them in the wall and projector is ceiling mounted and when I am watching movie with my wife there is nobody else that can turn the PC off (no kids yet). If I had a small and silent one it would stay in the living room and I would work there - I don't mind looking on the projector instead of the monitor plus I already have wireless mouse/KB.
Well, that changes things. I was thinking a TV and Cable Monster behind it.


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Feb 5, 2003
HDTV, home theater, and Monster Cable? Try to stay on topic people.

And tick, read the lost circuits article on the P4 EE, it puts out 100+ max wattage and I dont think it needs exotic cooling. The point about wattage was not about whether the proc will run stock, but rather that more overclocking could be squeezed out of a lower wattage cpu without overrunning your cooling setup's maximum power dissipation.