Question AmpliFi Home Network & Philips Hue


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Dec 28, 2020
I’ll preface this by saying I am by no means any kind of home networking expert – quite the opposite in fact. Before I go into the problems I’m having, here is a short history and high level overview of my current setup.


Virgin Media Business Hitron Router – WiFi modes turned off (acting as a modem) – connected to AmpliFi HD Router. Mesh points supplied with AmpliFi HD Router are in the kitchen and the first floor landing area. Recently purchased two AmpliFi Instant routers to act as mesh points, so that I could use the ethernet connectivity of these units to link my main Sky Q box to my Sky Q mini box in the living room (Sky Q does not play well with wireless mesh networks I discovered).

Current smart devices in the home:

2 iPhones,
1 HomePod
1 HomePod mini
1 MacBook Pro
1 iPad
3 Apple TVs
2 Apple Watches
1 Nanit Baby Monitor
1 Sky Q Main Box
1 Sky Q mini box (there is another mini box, currently disconnected).
1 Philips Hue Bridge with 6 smart bulbs around the house.

The issue:

So a few months back I upgraded my home network from a few Apple AirPort devices to the Amplifi HD mesh system. All was seemingly well and I got great speeds and coverage throughout the house – however I soon realised that Sky Q does not play well with mesh Wifi networks. To temporarily resolve this I received a Sky Q booster from Sky, which connected to my Virgin Media router (not AmpliFi HD router, it didn’t like that) to act as a ‘bridge’ between boxes. It was ok but very hit and miss and often required reboots of the booster and Sky Boxes.

After a lot of late night research, ethernet to both boxes seemed to be the solution, although hardwiring ethernet through the house was out of the question. So I thought the next best thing to do was purchase 2 AmpliFi Instant routers, use those as additional mesh points on the network and then connect the Sky Q boxes via ethernet and turn off the WiFi within the engineer menu. All sorted, seemed fine, and then that evening, around 6 hours after setup, the network goes down.

AmpliFi router showing that a cable is disconnected, and I’m getting DNS and IPv4 errors on the app. Strange, so I do a reboot, all seems fine for a couple of minutes and then it happens again. The only thing connected to the router via ethernet is the Philips Hue bridge, so I unplug that, reboot and all seems well. I then plug the Hue Bridge back in and the network goes down again. I reset the AmpliFi router to factory settings, reset the Hue Bridge to factory settings and set both up from scratch, all are fine again for around a week to 10 days and just now the same thing is happening.

Anyone got any ideas as to how I can resolve this? As mentioned, I have little networking expertise, so everything is running off DHCP with no static IPs and I have no separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5GHz.

Any help would be appreciated!


Nov 4, 2004
Sounds like IP conflicts. Is the main router actually in a "bridge" mode? Or is it still handing out IP to the main Amplifi device?

When you lose connections, is it from everywhere or just certain devices (and you verified what the answer is).

Overall, seems a bit of a messy setup, but really just needs it's config details vetted. Also, ensure the Amplifi's are up to date, those are new devices so some bugs can be expected