AMD's Ontario chip will be key to TSMC revenue growth?


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Sep 17, 2000

According to this production of AMD Ontario(Fusion) parts at TSMC on the 40nm node will basically be the key product that will fuel their revenue growth in the second half.

I thought 40nm was supply constrained and that nV had bought a huge slice of the capacity to shut AMD out. You have to think that AMD's slice of the production is going to get awfully crowded if you consider slightly larger(die size) Radeon 6xxx parts as well as adding Ontario to the list of things you need to allocate production to.

To me it would seem that AMD probably reserved a big chunk of wafers for later this year based on the fact they expect to sell tons of Ontario chips.


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Dec 18, 1999
If ontario is even 75% as good, graphics wise, as that "Ontario" fusion demo they showed playing AVP, ontario is going to put AMD back on the map profits wise, in a big way. That thing will sell by the bucketloads. I have my doubts as to if that was really Ontario, I know they said it was, but man.
The real question is...can AMD license the Bobcat IP to have other companies synthesize it to their liking and produce it wherever they want?


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Oct 10, 1999
AMD CEO and president Dirk Meyer, during a Q&A session following the company's recent earnings release, confirmed that one of its forthcoming APUs codenamed Ontario will be built in 40nm bulk technology supplied by TSMC.
Nice to see it has finally been made public that TSMC is the foundry for Ontario. Now that debate can be put to rest.

"In reaction to Ontario's market opportunities and a slower than anticipated progress of 32nm yield curve, we are switching the timing of the Ontario and Llano production ramps," Meyer said.
not confidence building