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AMD Vision Engine Control Center fails to start


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Dec 24, 2000
This is a Gateway/Acer laptop I bought new a few years ago.

Fusion Processor I think E300 with an AMD Radeon HD 6310 GPU.

OS: windows 7 64bit

It came up when I bought it, but since I tried updating it a few times and no longer worked. I tried updating it again last week, 3 times, even tried to uninstall everything from a guide I found on the net, folders and regedit.

I've come the conclusion that maybe I'm using the wrong drivers? But I've used both the ATI tool to detect the correct driver and it just says use the latest Radeon 6XXX 64 bit windows vista/7 drivers. Could it be a service got shut off and when I re-install it the service is still not running? Hmmm...


Is there a driver I should be using differently?

I hope someone knows the answer to this because I got a 47" tv that hooked up and the problem is it leaves a 1" gap around the display and I'm sure it's not good to use the TV like that. Even tho I'll probably never use the TV for regular tv viewing but I'd like to get the entire screen filled in.

Thanks for any and all help!

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Jul 21, 2000
Perhaps you should use driver cleaner software and then do a completely clean installation of the 12.8 drivers.