AMD Turion 64 X2 and budget of USD $1250 (approx.)


Jul 15, 2007

Due to cost reason I am thinking of buying a bit less expensive Laptop... I have some question related to the thread's subject:

  1. 1. I assume that amongst AMD processors, AMD Turion 64 X2 is the fastest available for laptops. Right?

    2. What are the disadvantages if I buy a Laptop which has AMD Turion 64 X2 which is considered to be at par or ideally better than an Intel Core Duo 2 CPU with 667 Mhz. FSB and 4 MB L2 Cache)

    3. Can you kindly provide the model #/CPU# details of the AMD"s processor which meets/exceeds Intel's Core Duo 2 CPU with FSB of 667 Mhz and 4 MB L2 Cache
Can I please request for your top 3 recommendations if your budget was around U.K Lbs. 650/ USD $ 1250.

I would be running XP Pro and NO gaming. I have no plans of going near vista as long as possible :)

Mainly the Laptop would be for software development, lots of SQL server related things, and ofcourse use of standard applications like MS-Office, etc. etc. The most I might do (on the graphics side), is use Adobe Photoshop.

The quality of sound/speakers is something that is important . I have seen a few Acer Laptops with literally terrible sound...

Many advance thanks for your reply, advice, and especially the top 3 recommendations.