Sep 6, 2004
hi there new egg has posted on there website a combo special that i am considering it is a gigabyte board
a athlon 64 skt 939
and kingston memory

these 3 items purchased as a combo is for a total of $436.00 i would still need to get a heatsink and fan since it is a bare cpu so that would add another 50 bucks going with the zahlman cooler

here is the combo i was thinking about before they put on that combo special
athlon 64 skt 754
DFI motherboard
PDP systems memory
with this combo that i put together it would be 458 dollars
or if i used this processor my combo would be 375 dollars

to many decisions i dont know if i should go with sckt 939 or skt 754 i figure when i upgrade again i will get a new board/cpu/memory again so having the newest skt 939 i dont know if it is worth it
also u can see my combo i put together the cpu has 1 meg of cache i know that is a big help with gaming which i do gaming accasionally i would like to overclock but i would be content overclocking to the extent of using the stock heatsink and fan i dont care about pushing it to the edge and needing a big heatsink and fan


Diamond Member
Nov 1, 2004
The two combos you suggested will each give you similar performance. The skt 939 3500+ and the skt 754 3400+ perform roughly the same, since the processors you're comparing are both 130nm. Also, you mentioned that you intend to upgrade the processor and motherboard together, so that's also a wash. That being said, I would say go with the least expensive of the two options.

(I think this link might be a misprint, since the processor they're describing here is essentially a 3500+ unless AMD changed their naming convention recently.)

If you were considering the 90nm 3500+ then you may see some benefits from it's lower power consumption and lower heat and then that could be factored into your decision.