AMD Athlon XP-Mobile


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Feb 4, 2005
Hi guys I am about to buy an Athlon Mobile 2500 and Abit NF7-S motherboard off of someone on these forums. It is going to be fitted with this heatsink:
It is going to be run with 2X256 Dell pc3200 2.5-3-3-6 ram and a Antec 400 watt power supply. I plan on overclocking it obviously. The original owner said it got 250 stable bus on water cooling. I was thinking 12X200 at 1.75 volts. I am new to this, so any help would be appreciated. Also, how well will this setup perform. I currently have an Athlon 1800 with 512 pc2100.


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Sep 15, 2004
alright... first things first.... you may want to consider finding a copper or at least copper core heatsink to go with your processor.

That amount of voltage should be sufficient maybe even 1.7 or lower since the starting voltage is so low. You might be able to go even higher.

As far as performance, my 25 Mobile (see sig) runs uber smooth in all things. Multi-tasks like a champ, and encodes video like nobody's business. I don't really have available a P4 2.4C (oc'ed or stock) that I can compare it with but it takes me about 1.5-2 hours to compress and convert a 45 minute episode of Alias from 1.6 gig .vob to 350 meg .avi.... im happy with the purchase and that board shouldn't let you down.

And now last things last.... I wouldn't get my hopes up about hitting 250 with that ram or that board or that heatsink.... i just don't think it is feasible... but then again what do I know?