Am I the HTPC forum Village Idiot? Stuff I should've figured out a few years ago . . .

Discussion in 'Home Theater PCs' started by BonzaiDuck, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Always coming in here, fretting about some problem related to my cable-TV Charter/Spectrum subscription, my Silly-Dust HDHR-Prime tuners, encrypted content under Windows 10 without Media Center.

    I think I've lost brain-mass or something these last few years. I feel stupid. For at least a couple years, Charter has been advertising something they call the "Spectrum Live TV App." All this time, I'm fiddling with my HDHR' tuners, fretting over wireless network cable TV transmission and oddball things. I never bother to download some "App." I don't like the word "App." Call it an "Application," but tell me it's a "program." Send it to me on a disc to get my attention.

    So now, I see with our cable-TV subscription, I only need to log in to a freaking web-page and I can select any channel we subscribe to for computer viewing -- including "On Demand?"

    The more options I have, the more confused I get.
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    I would say you're slow to adapt. Which is pretty common, especially in people of your age. You're definitely more savvy than my parents and IIRC you're a little older than my mom. I had a hard enough time teaching her how to use an iPod and a Harmony remote.

    Anyways, cable companies have made app's as a last ditch effort to try to save their cable TV business. As far as app, application, program goes, they all mean the same thing and "app" is the more common vernacular these days. As is no physical media. That's also why you see so little progress/innovation being made on the DVR front. At this point, it's like why bother. There's generally only 2 TV shows I would kinda like to see as they air. 1 is available directly on Amazon Instant Video for streaming on release nights. The other I COULD get through HBO Go, but I'm not paying their prices so I'll just wait for the Bluray and rip it. But in both cases, it's streamable right from an app on any device I want and from anywhere.