Am I stupid - Windows XP users read!


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Jun 4, 2000
I installed Windows XP and I love it. I have had some issues though. First my soundblaster live did not work but I got drivers that fixed that. Now my voodoo 5 is crippled since there is no glide. I can run D3d though. I guess I will upgrade the video. Now my FF of my steering wheel is messed up so I bought a new wheel. It would have been much easier just to stay with Windows ME and go along my way without spending hours fixing this stuff and spending money.

The problem is that I love Windows XP. I have never used Windows 2000 but I find it to be much more stable than Windows ME. It was not that ME gave me that many problems. I just found myself doing a reinstall every few months because some feature or something would break and could not be repaired. Does anyone feel the same as me or am I just nuts?