Alternative to the LP2475w?


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Nov 28, 2004
Hey guys,
I'm thinking of purchasing a new 24" WS LCD and was wondering if anyone could offer their advice for my needs. I'm looking to replace my first gen 20" WS monitor, the Dell 2005FPW. It's a 2005 S-IPS panel with poor ghosting (~12-16ms response), and horrible color accuracy (reds and greens are virtually neon).

I've done some initial research and have a good idea of what I want, but I think the costs are prohibitive. A cheaper alternative to the HP LP2475W would be ideal. That, or a mid/high-end TN.

Budget: < $400 (after coupons, rebates, sales, w/e included)
1 & 2) Tie/Toss-up between color accuracy and response time. Response time has a slight edge due to budget concerns and the fact that color accuracy in TNs, I would assume, is much better nowadays than my 3 year old Dell.

3) Would strongly prefer if it has HDMI.

4) While no where near as important as 1 & 2, a built-in HD tuner (like the Samsung T260HD) would be a really nice touch!!

I realize it might seem to be asking for much, however, I'm always in the hunt for some great Live cashback deals (like today's infamous HP 40% cashback failure) that would bring the costs sub-$400. S-IPS or S-PVA/MVA strongly preferred, but if it's cost prohibited, a mid/high-end TN would be okay. Any and all feedback welcome!