Allegiance now FULLY released for free


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Dec 21, 2000
Microsoft had released the source code, and now the whole game is free


"Most multiplayer games exhibit a very simplistic concept of teamwork, if any. Allegiance is the marriage of a 3D space shooter/sim in the tradition of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter with real time strategy that far surpasses any similar efforts in this area. With support for up to 58 players in small game mode and 200 players in big game mode, eight different factions each with five distinct research paths, several different categories of spacecraft, a dedicated commander position with 3D RTS interface and gameplay that demands coordinated teamwork to accomplish anything, Allegiance goes where no multiplayer game has ever gone before. And all this works great on a bog-standard P2 with a 56K modem.

To this day, we haven't found anything to match the sheer brilliance of the Allegiance design. If you are looking for cutting-edge space combat experience, nobody does it better.

But don't take our word for it - here's Firing Squad characterizing Allegiance as one of the top-five multiplayer games of all time and Gamespot's Best Game Noone Played award - which pretty much sums it up really."



Jun 27, 2000
spoke too soon. Sorry about callin it a repost when it wasn't

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