Alienware 15 r2 4K Touchscreen broken - now what?


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Mar 22, 2000
I foolishly tried to pull out my Alienware r2's lovely 4K Sharp panel and may have broken part of all of the assembly. The panel has amazing colors and beautiful 4K. It is also a glossy touch screen panel. The assembly is such that there is a glass panel all over the surface of the side opposite the lid. The glass goes nearly edge to edge, covering the front bezel and Alienware logo at bottom center.

There is a gap between the lid and the glass panel, and prying that opening all around the edges separates the lid from the glass panel and the LCD display behind it. When you pry this assembly apart, you see the back (silver color) of the lcd panel, and you see where all the cables are connected.

There appears to be some sort of adhesive underneath the black tape that surrounds the perimeter of the panel that keeps it bonded to the glass panel. When you break that adhesive/glue, you can see the lcd panel and 2 plastic sheets in front of the panel.

When you lift the lcd panel off and away from the glass panel and then look at the glass panel, it's dark and not see through, and when you touch it, it's smooth as glass.

I reached a point after disconnecting all cables and removing the lcd panel from the glass panel (bonded by what looks like glue), I got scared and wanted to see if the panel still worked, so I reconnected all cables, snapped the glass panel assembly back onto the lid assembly and powered up the laptop. Now, I don't see anything on display except a dark display, with the exception of the lowerright, which has some cracks where the LCD panel's light is shining thru. When I look at the LCD panel, it is lit up but no images appear.

It appears that there is a ribbon cable that connects to this glass panel, so maybe it is what reads the touch inputs from the glass panel and transmits that thru the cable to be interpreted?

When I saw that cable was attached somehow to the glass panel, I got scared and realized this wasn't going to be as simple as I thought.

My questions are:

1. I don't see any images only the lcd panel's backlight on bright.. can I assume the panel still works though?
2. If yes to #1, can I remove it and use it on an Alienware 15 r4 (which came with a matte 4K panel by AUO)
somehow? Do I have to disconnect touch-specific modules/cables for it to work? There is no glass
panel on the Alienware 15 r4, it is just a bezel with no glass over it. If I were to take the lcd panel from the
15 r2, would I remove the 2 thin sheets of whatever that is in front of the lcd display? what are those for?
I wish to use it as a non-touch on the 15 r4, because I like the color accuracy better.
3. can I salvage the 15 r2 damage done, by buying a cheap panel off eBay and installing it for non-touch
display? Would I have to break off the dark glass layer that is immediately on top of the clear glass touch
surface? It seems opaque and I cannot see thru.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 4, 2000
That's between you and Dell and the status of your warranty.