AIW 9700 Pro - security in XP Pro


Jun 30, 2000
OK, I just bought an All-in-wonder 9700 Pro for my A7V333 using WinXP Pro.

Do I need to be an administrator to install and use it? I have an account defined on my Win2K server that I log into from my XP machine. Seems like I have to run things first as administrator before it can be used with the Win2K authenticated login.

I guess my question is, do I have to be the local admin on the XP box to install and then run the apps for the AIW9700? Or can I install as admin and use another login to run the apps.

During install, the ATI s/w asks which users can use the software. I chose all on this machine. When I ran the VCR function, the option to record from the TV was not there until I logged in as admin. When I went back and logged in as another user, the option to record from TV appeared.

Any ideas?