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Question Air cooler for stock i9 10980x/ xeon w-2295, are Noctua cpu compatibility ratings reliable?


Aug 16, 2012
Hi I'm assembling a workstation with a set budget and making wise decision making on where to spend makes a difference. I do not need any overcloking headroom. This thing needs to work on stock without thermal throttling and for at least 5 years. All without extensive maintenance (I may bother to repaste and dust once or twice if I notice something wrong with temps). The machine will never be crunching 24/7 but it will be used heavily nonetheless.

Noctua is listing the NH-U12S as compatible with the 10980x (the 18 cores cpu on socket 2066) with some headroom to spare, should I trust them or scale up to the 140mm single fan version NH-U14S?

I'm not set on Noctua, they just make stuff that works reliably without sounding like a leaf blower. Silence is not may main concern since there will also be a 2080s crunching numbers in the same machine.


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Sep 28, 2005
Noctuas do not sound like a leaf blower.
They only sound like that if you install it with a IPPC-3000 the 3000rpm fan.

And i would not only scale up to the U14, i would go D14 if its for a LGA2066.