Aigo dual-ring RGB 3-fan w/controller w/remote kit $19.99 @ Newegg


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Aug 25, 2001

These are on sale for $19.99 FS again, I bought two of them a week ago, just installed them the other day, see my thread in cases and cooling with pictures.

These look really snazzy, but don't move all that much air, IMHO. IF you're looking for actual cooling, rather than "bling", then perhaps look elsewhere. I also had some minor issues with one and then two fans not spinning, then spinning again.

The controller comes with an RF remote, and spots for 8 6-pin RGB fans, 4 per side, and two "light strip" ports.

I don't believe that my kit came with any mobo-control wire, or could even be software-controlled. Hence the cheap price.

Looks pretty decent though, and if you're a system-builder, intending to sell gaming rigs to the HS / College crowd, these might just be the ticket, for ~$20 a kit.

Edit: Here's a cheaper DIYPC plain-jane case that's just great for adding RGB fans to, it has a dual 120mm top fan mounts / magnetic dust filter, rear exhaust 120mm fan, and room for a 240mm intake rad up front. USB3/USB2 on front. Tempered glass on side. PSU shroud. Some 3.5" HDD bays. Under $40.

Edit: And here's a 3-fan RGB kit from DarkFlash, that supports ARGB connection to mobo:
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