Question AI mesh question


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Jul 23, 2021
I have an AI mesh using an RT-AC5300 as the main router, an RT-AC3100 as a node, and an RT-AC68 as a node. The mesh is configured so that 5GHz-2 is the backhaul (AI mesh decided this automatically). This leaves the 2GHz radio and 5GHz-1 available for use. Everything works (mostly) fine. At the present time I am uninterested in used a wired backhaul.

What I noticed is that when all devices are on, everything works great. However, if I turn off both mesh units, leaving just the router on, 5GHz-1 disappears. I can still see 5GHz-2 and 2GHz, but not the primary (non-backhaul) 5GHz-1.

When all devices are on and I look at the devices on the mesh, I don't seem to see any devices using 5GHz-1 from the RT-AC5300 - they are all connected to the 2 nodes.
Tentatively, it appears as if 5GHz-1 is not being used on my main router, the RT-AC5300. Only 2GHz and the backhaul of 5GHz-2 looks like they are working from the RT-AC5300.

Is this normal, and if so, why?