ahhh crap which monitor!!!


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May 7, 2005
Hi guys... well I am stuck on choosing between 2 displays. The westinghouse 37" and a dell 2405/2407fpw.

What i want to know is which one should I choose and why? Well first off let me explain what I am going to use it for. I plan on using my computer for movies/pc games like fear cod2 and future stuff/xbox360 hookup/and if i get the westinghouse as a tv via the coax input. I have basic cable through a analog connection sadly... anyways would that look decent on the westinghouse? I will be sitting back in my chair (it reclines) and the monitor will be pushed as far back as possible. It will be around 3-4ft away from my face. What I want to know is how well does the westinghouse perform in image quality compared to the dell 2405, the black and whites are better on which?, do they ghost?, and the overall quality of them both in the desktop/gaming areas. Also if this huge tv doesnt make me go blind or cause headaches or screw up my vision from sitting so close to it. I like to use my computer for hours and it would suck if it gave me headaches after awhile.

Also I am using a 17" crt. Switching to widescreen, will it affect how well i do in online games? I was really good at ut2k4 and was on the top 10 list at one time and since it is a really fast paced game i would hate for the monitor to ghost. Or the sheer size of it make my neck cramp from having to turn to look at one side.

For movies I could sit a little more far back. Maybe 10-15ft. So that wont be a problem. Same with using the xbox360/ps3. But close up will the westinghouse look like crap with games such as fear at its native resolution since the pixels are so much more bigger? Also i plan on going to college and possibly live in a dorm then. Will this big tv fit in a dorm? lol.



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Dec 7, 2003
Isn't 37" kind of big for a computer monitor? I know 'bigger is better' seems to be the rule for many things, like TVs, but this seems like too much.