Ah - sweet nostalgia


Feb 8, 2001
I was just cleaning out my Private Messages and came across this old gem:

From: RedShirt
Hi, thank you for bashing me.

I am currently in my 3rd year at college to become a computer engineer. Now, I am a firm believe in not using my field of study as an indicator of my smartness, and I never ever do so publiclly on these forums because it is just plain rude and not really called for.

But when I get a rude response...

I must not have a high level of smartness. I'm smart enough to stop posting in a thread where all people like you want to do is rip my head off.

Sorry, I guess I'm not entitled to my own opinion nor post subjects like this in a free country.
I remember how much fun we had ripping on this tool until he got banned...