AGP Card shuts off as windows boots GF2GTS


Jan 27, 2001
Okay here is the deal.

I have a celeron 333, 256Meg Ram, Soyo SY6BA+ with newest bios flash for it.
My video card was a Diamond 550 Riva TNT PCI card. I unstalled it the best I could, anand installed my new Geforce 2 GTS AGP card. It gets into windows then, asks for thethe drivers and I point it to the drivers (I have used both the included and the newthe newest ones from Nvidia). It then needs to reboot after it gets the drivers.

Okay, here is where it screws up. At it boots up, after it does the posting, status screen, etc, the card (or slot) just shuts off and I lose all video signal to the monitor.

I can pop the PCI TNT back in, and go into System properties and it says windows detected a problem with the drivers.

I put this card in friends computer that has a similar GTS card and mine worked in his computer.

Heck now I cant even get my PCI TNT to work right. Windows just thinks nows its a standard PCI card and never identifies it as a TNT, so I cant get more than 16 colors, 640 * 480