Advise me on pc parts pls


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Mar 24, 2023
On the Pc Part Picker website, I assembled a PC based on the Ryzen 5600 and RX 6700XT, I would like to know the opinion of those who are better at it.


1) How much do you rate this build for games at 144 (not always on ultra)
2) Should something be changed?
3) Are the components suitable for each other (is there enough cooling, space, etc.)
4) Is it worth it to overpay a little and collect something on AM5
5) Any other tips are also happy to see :)

If you throw builds from the same site, then please note that I have a region of Germany, some components may not be available and their prices may vary greatly.


May 19, 2011
One minor note - that heatsink is overkill for that processor, you'd do perfectly fine with a BQ Pure Rock Slim 2 cooler and it would still be pretty quiet even at full tilt (virtually silent at idle), and I bet that any modern graphics card will be the biggest noise producer by a long shot when you're actually gaming.

If you really want that heatsink, don't forget to go on the BQ website and run it through their compatibility checker, it'll tell you whether it's compatible with the board (the Pure Rock Slim 2 is virtually guaranteed to fit anything except maybe ITX or SFF builds because it's quite a bit smaller).

I'd possibly consider an 'overkill heatsink' if I was planning a CPU upgrade further along the line, but with AM4 you're at the end of that road.

BQ Dark Rock 4 page:

BQ Pure Rock Slim 2 page:

There's a few in-between models between the BQ PRS2 and DR4 too, in case you wanted to go up a bit from the PRS2.


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Mar 21, 2007
If you are trying to stay under a certain budget I think that's a decent build. As Mike pointed out that CPU is rather easy to cool. I would go with 32GB if RAM though.

An AM5 system is worth considering. There is a decent performance increase, but also an upgrade path. AM4 is a deadend platform. You could still upgrade to a 5800X3D, but that's it. With AM5 you have several upgrade options now, and for years to come. Definitely put one together on PCPartPicker to see the cost difference before you buy. I planned a 5600X based system for my daughter and found I could do a 7600X instead for about $150 more.