Advice on Upgrading System from AMD X2 939 4600+


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Jul 19, 2007
Hey all :) First Id like to say AnandTech rocks! Second, I need some advice from all you elite peoples :)

Im currently running a X2 4600+ oc'd to 2.6gigahertz, 2 gigs DDR RAM, on a ASROCK 939 DUAL VSTA mobo, with a geforce 8800 GTX I got in may. (I was running a X850XT b4 that hence the PCIE/AGP mobo). Most games run quite well on my system although I get some pauses from certain games like STALKER @ 1280x1024 and enough framerate drop when I hit the first city which I assume is due to my CPU or RAM bottleneck.

Im wondering if its worth to upgrade now to an Intel e6600, E6850, or Q6600 w/ new mobo (I guess the Nvidia 680i or intel p35 chipsets?) when the price drops hit in july and get 2 or 4 gigs of DDR2 PC6400 or 8000(depending on my cash on hand in august lol) or should I wait till the penryn comes out? Keeping in mind Id like to get enough mileage out of the new system I buy cus it sucks to spend mad $$ only to spend a lot more only 1 year later lol Because I was kinda dumb and bought the 939 system last year instead of the AMD2.

Thanks for your time :)

ps. Ive looked at reviews, articles and such but it seems to be hard for me to gauge/visualize how much more preformance Im looking at with the current intel cpus, hence having your guys opinion would greatly help me out.